Our Technology


Drilling from 0,5mm up to 55mm steel full part. Internal high pressure coolant up to 100 bar. Endless possibilities of programming drilling in G code and M code. Easy programming through on-line help.


Turning of still part or in rotation. Facing and turning up top 3000rpm, direct high pressure coolant on rotating tool up to 100bar, single-point threading with multispindles to minimize cycle time  . Easy programming through on-line help.


Milling in passes and internal and external contouring. Strong rigidity for important passes. Speed up to 30m/min. Easy programming through on-line help.


Broaching with hydraulic and electric axis with traditional control. High pushing force and movement consistence. Easy programming through on-line help.


Marking systems such as micro-points, laser, roll integrated in the machine. Sequence marking up to single part to trace the product. Easy programming through on-line help. 


Bar cutting system inside the transfer for bars up to 3",automatic saw changing system, minimal lubrication and blade support. Total cutting parameter programming and blade wearing detection. 


Hydraulic, pneumatic, and robot with vision loading and unloading systems. Careful study of the flow of raw and finished parts to optimize space and machine operators.


Internal machine measuring systems, and dimension correction systems. External measuring systems for maximum results and zero discarded parts.