Following the expansion of the New Coronavirus and given the national, regional and town dispositions, BTB TRANSFER bielieves it to be proper and appropriate in order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of its emplyees to give the following notice:


- The company will remain open and will keep working in accordance with the current regulations and preventive measures issued by the Department of Health


- Visits to suppliers and customers, when not strictly necessary, will be temporarily suspended


- Visits to the company by outsiders, unless previously authorized by the Management or Department Managers, will be postponed. An acceptance procedure for outside personnel will be introduced.


- Assistance for urgent issues and already programmed interventions are guaranteed.


These dispositions will be valid for all week 9/2020 or until new ones are enforced.


We trust in everyone’s understanding and collaboration in a situation that is creating great distress worldwide.

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